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Have you ever been going through your grant applications and realized that you missed one? Ever thought that there must be an easier way to organise yourself and your company, instead of a never-ending spreadsheet? Well, there is! With Optimy, we coordinate all of your applications in one place, with an easy to use and concise dashboard. Top this off with our automatic replies and you’ll never miss a grant again. See what else our grant management software has to offer below.

Grant Management Software Features

Optimy’s Grant Management Software offers a range of different features that can help you through the pre-grant and post-grant stages of the application process. Take a look at the features below and see how you can optimise your grantmaking.

Collect Data

With the use of custom domains and custom forms your applicants can easily find you and provide the details you need, in the order you decide. This will make the next steps in the process as easy as possible and allow grantmakers to set up criteria that are straightforward. Alongside this, you can add application transfer and contact management to uncomplicate all parts of the process.

Grant management: Collect
Grant management: Select

Making Your Selection

Once the applications have been filled out, Optimy allows you to set up automatic ranking by creating a ‘weight’ for each question from your custom form. This means you can see at a glance which grant seekers request fits best with your companies ethos. All this information, as well as the application overviews, are stored on the centralised dashboard. And if an application doesn’t fit your requirements, you can set up automated answers, which can save up to 50% of your time.


Management Tools

There is a never ending supply of grant seekers application, all with their own challenges, documents, teams, and workflows. To keep on top of all this information Optimy have created a central area, with document management, task management, collaborative notes and automated workflows so that you can assign tasks and manage your team in one location for all projects.

Grant management
Grant management: Report


Being able to have your grant activities up to date, without manually inputting them is a huge time saver. Which is why we made sure you can view and download your latest reports anytime, in any format you need. With all of your statistics, charts and applications overview in an easy to understand PDF template, there will be no need for confusion.



Being able to evaluate the progress of your grantmaking is key. With Optimy you can assess the impact of your grant with the help of our automatic ranking. Check that you haven’t gone over budget, with the budget tracker. And you can send out follow up surveys, and set up peer reviews so that you can streamline your process in the future.

Grant management: Evaluate

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