10 Corporate Volunteering Trends for 2024

Learn about corporate volunteering trends in 2024 that will help you boost productivity, increase employee engagement, and improve hiring and retention through better volunteering programs.

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About the eBook

Just the presence of a corporate volunteering program at your organization makes employees want to stay with your company.

But it's not enough to ensure participation in your program.

Motivating employees to participate in your volunteering program is the key to unlocking the many benefits of employee engagement practices. To help you manage a successful volunteering program in today's working environment, we've put together a guide with the major corporate volunteering trends we expect to see in 2024.

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  • Why you need an employee volunteer program,
  • 7 trends that help increase volunteering participation,
  • 3 trends to help you increase participation remotely,
  • Why a culture of volunteerism is good for your organization.

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