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How Total Foundation automated its management processes with Optimy

With 100's of new projects funded every year, Total Corporate Foundation has drastically reduced the amount of manual workload thanks to Optimy!

With 100's of new projects funded every year, we've drastically reduced the amount of manual workload thanks to Optimy!
Anne V
General Secretary

A few words about Total Foundation

The Total Corporate Foundation dedicated 125 million euros to CSR activities worldwide for 5 years, between 2018 and 2022. It is one of the largest corporate foundations in France, with activities in Europe and on the international markets. The Foundations's main areas of activities are: social integration, climate, public interest, safety, mobility, culture, and heritage.


What Total Foundation was looking for

They were looking for help in regards to the workload each year, someone who could help them with process automation and data and reports management.

Supporting operational staff in implementing their roadmap, implementing projects and partnerships, and managing their administration.
Managing the budget and flows linked to projects and partnerships and ensuring their contractual implementation.
Reporting on the Foundation’s governance (closing of accounts, preparation of the Board of Directors, relations with the supervisory authorities, renewal of operating licenses).

How Optimy helped Total Foundation

1. Process automation

Given the number of projects funded each year, the workload linked to the production of agreements has been significantly reduced. Thanks to the workflows implemented in Optimy, the tool automatically alerts the team of all the tasks that they need to deal with for their partners’ follow-up and the management of all the projects: the team can manage their framework tasks from within the tool.

Daily tasks such as a payment to be made to a partner, a project follow-up committee to be organized, a partner to be contacted again because a project follow-up report has not been received within the agreed timetable. Optimy pilots many processes for the Total Foundation. The current operational management has been significantly improved.

2. Data and reports management

Having a centralized database in which all the partners are listed, and all the data on the projects supported is stored also has many advantages:
- Sharing of information within the team.
- The ability to respond quickly to questions from the Group on our portfolio or the history of operations carried out with a partner.

The data extraction module helps to analyze the characteristics of the portfolio on various criteria. Over time, they have progressively automated the production of many internal or external reports previously produced manually with significant time and productivity gains. For the past few years, they have also been using the Optimy tool to manage the partners’ calls.

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