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Mainova broke away from collecting manually

For Mainova, Optimy represents a great overall package consisting of an easy-to-understand program for daily use, as well as a friendly and always helpful support team.

Generating data has become easier with Optimy.
Marina Bergner
Sponsorship and Sustainability Manager

A few words about Mainova

Known as one of the biggest energy suppliers in Germany, Mainova has been for years funding programs to increase energy efficiency in sports facilities, social institutions and associations as well as conversion to efficient heating solutions. With over 500 applications coming by mail and email per year, they knew they would need a tool to collect and select all these requests.


A tool to save time

Mainova is more than a reliable energy service provider. With the support of selected institutions and projects, they make a voluntary contribution to society by promoting the quality of life and sustainable development in Germany. Their goal is cultural diversity, sporting activity, social integration and stable social structures.

The corporation believes that committed citizens and organisations are essential to maintain social structures. Important societal values such as helpfulness, responsibility, integration and tolerance are conveyed in clubs. Volunteering and social engagement come from this source. That is why Mainova has committed to more than just sustainability projects. They have been finally supporting sports and social facilities to achieve their goal of a better society

Since they started using Optimy, Mainova streamlined not only their selection process. Over time, the team realised that the Optimy tool could be used to manage the whole CSR cycle, from creating forms to reporting on their impact in society.
According to Marina Bergner, some of the project management features have decreased the administrative workload: “The budget allocation is the best function for me. Here I can clearly see everything from the total to the individual cost item.”
Another step that was improved by the use of Optimy is the report. “Generating data has become easier with Optimy,” says Bergner while explaining that the Mainova team evaluates all donation processes an annual reporting and that our software has made these tasks easier. “For me, Optimy represents a great overall package consisting of an easy-to-understand program for daily use, as well as a friendly and always helpful support team.”

Collecting manually 500+ applications through email‍

With such a big scope of projects, it is no surprise that Mainova receives a significant number of requests. All these applications generate a lot of paperwork, which can be daunting to manage. In this scenario, Optimy emerged as a helpful time-saving tool: “The possibilities of selecting different, partly predefined, search options save valuable working time every day,” explains Marina Bergner, clerk for donations at Mainova.  

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