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How EM Normandie manages its educational projects with Optimy

For EM Normandie, giving time and offering personalized support to students is essential. But when you come face to face with all the tasks that need to be managed, it can be overwhelming. You might feel that there isn't enough time to do it all. To optimize their time effectively, EM Normandie has chosen the features offered by the all-in-one Optimy platform.

All the small features allow you to manage everything from A to Z: from the student's file to the validation and actual payment of the scholarship.
Julien Soreau
Head of Balance and Inclusion Service/Associations and Activities Service Disability Group Manager of the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles

A few words about EM Normandie

EM Normandie is one of the oldest schools in France. With 3 campuses (in France, Oxford, and Dublin), EM Normandie is constantly evolving: in September, the Dubai campus opens its doors. In 2023, it's Vietnam's turn. 

The EM Normandie school focuses on three main areas: disability, struggles against sexual and gender-based violence, and also LGBT policy. The latter is brand new: the school decided that it was essential to tackle these topical issues to train their students to become good citizens involved in societal issues.

Within the school, students are encouraged to develop and participate in projects.

These student projects are supported and monitored through associations and overseen by a team of professionals. These projects allow students to put into practice the skills and knowledge learned in class and get a "real-life" experience. 


The challenges: Maintaining the individual relationship aspect with an effective process and saving time.

Information sharing between all their colleagues involved in the projects. Lately, the team has evolved. In this context, it was important for them to have one single tool to share folders and make sure everyone has information on students. This is also crucial to follow up if someone is missing, or a piece of important information is needed urgently, etc. Working in a harmonized way has become essential.
Easy meetings with students via an elaborate and detailed form. For EM Normandie, it is important to ensure proximity and to create a real relationship based on trust with the students. Sending "one-shot" emails did not meet this requirement.
Management of all scholarship stages: Via an intuitive and easy-to-use form, the school can easily follow the status of a project via an online platform for everyone.‍

Easy management of all the steps

Budget management, student information sharing, centralized dashboard, messaging, and the easy-to-use aspect of the Optimy platform allow EM Normandie to manage all their activities. 

Thanks to dedicated Optimy support, the EM Normandie team feels guided. Having had the chance to know more about Optimy's transparent budget and an attractive demonstration of the tool, EM Normandie is aware of the time saved by the use of a flexible tool such as Optimy. Along with the scholarship projects, the members of the EM Normandie team also use Optimy for all the guidance projects. Inspirational projects and values of EM Normandie can be very easily consulted on their website. 

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