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How Optimy helped Audi

Discover how Optimy helped Audi Belgium to manage the flow of sponsorship requests, organise them by theme and provide answers to all project submitters.

Thanks to the Optimy solution, we manage the flow of requests, organise them by theme, receive a detailed project description, and can provide answers to all project submitters.
Andrea C
Project Coordinator

A few words about the company

The brand, a luxury automobile manufacturer, is often referred to as part of “Germany’s Big Three”‘ together with Mercedes-Benz and BMW. Member of the Volkswagen Group, the origin of the brand began in the early 20th century but was finally launched as Audi in the 1960s, devoting itself as Germany’s leading automotive manufacturer since 1998.

In Belgium, Audi’s production was established in 2011, and it was in Belgian territory that the company produced the first battery-electric SUV from the brand, the Audi e-Tron Quattro. And since the beginning of their activity in the European Capital, they use Optimy to make all their social projects come true.


Streamlining the flow of incoming requests easily

With Optimy, Audi discovered that it is possible to have a customer-oriented software to manage CSR operations. With our help, Audi Brussels was able to streamline the flow of incoming requests, manage every demand in the same efficient way, respond to each applicant and have their inquiry submitted online.

Since 2011, Audi Brussels has been relying on our software solutions to be able to manage the monetary donations given to social associations to emphasise its motto to “live responsibility”. And we are talking about big projects: just in 2017, Audi Brussels donated a total of €25,000 for social projects in Brussels.

Of the total amount, 40% was channelled to the construction of a new playground, a care centre for abused children. Another 40% was sent to the residence renovations for asylum seekers in Forest. The remaining 20% was provided to the credit counselling office in Forest. This money was used to provide food donations for families living in poverty at Christmas.

One year later, Audi BE had announced a four-season partnership with Belgium football team RSC Anderlecht, reaffirming its position as a dynamic sport-oriented brand. The sponsorship campaign gathered the club and its fans through fun activities. Furthermore, they were able to link the brand with the RSCA players, once they appeared driving Audi cars.

With such a significant scope of projects, it is no surprise that it was a daunting work for the team.
The need for a software that would automate the task was clear, but choosing the right tool was also a challenge.
The company considered building their own internal solution, but they soon realised that it would be time-consuming and have high costs.

How Optimy helped

Using the Optimy’s solution, Audi was able to manage a budget of 200,000 euros, to canalize their  sponsorship to social projects resulting in saving 50% of their time. Beyond that, there were also numerous donations made to various charitable institutions and schools, e.g. the donation of decommissioned IT equipment and office furniture that was no longer needed at Audi Brussels.

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