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Trends to follow for your Social Impact projects in 2022

Ornella Schillaci
January 21, 2022 - Reading time: 4min
Trends to follow for your Social Impact projects in 2022

New year, new resolutions, right? Well, we won't bother you with the typical things you should add to your daily schedule. There are many research on the New Year's resolutions topic and many do acknowledge that, indeed, most people give up on their resolutions during the first month! We don't want to discourage you, of course. There are other ways to actually make this year different: listen to what's going on around you. Some trends might be the ones you need, either for yourself or for your social impact projects!

Because the world is constantly changing, you also need to adapt to new ways of working and making sure that your social impact goals are known. Here are some Social Impact trends you might want to look into to start the year off on the right foot!

#1 Get in touch with Green Ambassadors

Instagram, Tiktok, Snapchat... No matter the channel, influencers are there and they are rocking it! More and more influencers have found a way to spread their ideas and messages via the Social Media channels and... a lot of them have a strong interest for CSR, green topics and social impact activities. So, of course, a lot of businesses turn to partnerships with them and invite them to talk about their projects via their favorite channels. Some are also using Podcasts on Spotify or even their own blog to help the nonprofits, associations, foundations and corporations that want their social impact projects to have more visibility.

There are a lot of benefits to this strategy. First, they master the social media strategies and already have an audience that are interested in them. Plus, most of them are able to reach to younger generations. These younger generations - as we already showed it - are dead set on making sure that green, CSR and social impact initiatives are implemented. They are your next talents coming on the workforce, it might be worth it to take a look at them, what they’re doing and find the ones that match your values and CSR ideas.

#2 Be transparent

More and more of you rely on social media and have a dedicated space on their website to spread news about them and to show their audience who they are. It is clearly a must-do. Showing who you are and respecting what they value and how they do it. Whether it is by showing their social impact activities, how highlighting the number of jobs they created, how what has been put in place in their offices to reduce waste, the ways of showing more transparency are numerous.

Nowadays, your audience expect more honesty and transparency from you, since they support you. It is thus normal that you listen to them and adapt your ways to do business and to promote your activities.

#3 Launch online activities

Tons of foundations and Social Impact corporations had to adapt during the covid19 lockdown to make sure that their social impact activities could still be happening. Online tools and softwares were the superstars of this period. It’s not going to come back to 100% in real life events and activities.

Somehow the offer of staying home while doing good at the same time and still be able to join activities, conferences, webinars, learning programs, etc. was a real catch. Surprisingly enough, audiences didn’t decrease. A new public started attending: younger ones, the ones who didn’t want to move to the venue, the ones who had a family to take care of after working hours, the ones who just felt more comfortable at home. It has benefits, it works and it is possible; so why not do it?

#4 Keep in touch with your audience

Email marketings are not dead. You have news, content, latest activities you want to advertise? Send them to your audience via a newsletter. They will check their inbox, no doubt about it. Plus, this will help keeping the conversation going and making sure that they know who you are (transparency tip we mentioned above).

Same goes for your Social media: be there, stay in touch, share your news and latest information and make sure to start conversation with your audience. That way, you'll be able to know more easily who they are and what they love about your social impact projects. The more you know, the easier it will be for your projects to get visibility.

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#5 Digitalize your project management

It’s not easy, though, to make sure that all your social impact and CSR activities are managed easily, from one place, while keeping in touch with all parties involved. Manual work cannot be sufficient anymore. It’s time to take a look at other options and be aware that these are for the best.

At Optimy, we value the fact that you share our green social impact values and we want to empower them. That’s why we’re not just a software; there are also motivated passionate human beings behind their screens that are more than ready to dedicate themselves to accompanying and supporting you implementing your programs and projects within our all-in-one platform.

There is only one way to make sure you find the best fit: get a closer look at it and reach out.

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