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Converting your one time donor to being a consistent donor

by Optimy
January 22, 2019 - Reading time: 2min
Converting your one time donor to being a consistent donor

In last week’s fundraising blog post series, we went through how to attract your audience with storytelling, the purpose of that was to convert your potential audiences to a donor. In this blog post, we are going to go one step further by converting your one time donor into a consistent donor. Yes, it is possible.

1. Consistently connect

To continue with the strategy that was shared last week about how to attract your audience with storytelling, never let your audience forget about the cause that they have donated to. Or if they did not donate yet, still never let them forget about it. Consistently share information with them: results, updates on the cause, and etc. Keep on reminding them about the cause on the platform that your organisation have chosen to connect with your audience on.

2. Give public recognition

Being appreciated is nice, isn’t it? When you have received a donation from your donor, give them a public recognition of the donation that they have made such as how much of a difference they have made by donating a certain amount. When the announcement has been made, it may inspire others to donate too because they can see that this is a real person donating to an organisation and really making a difference – the result that you choose to share may inspire them.

3. Thank your donors

There is nothing nicer than a personal thank you note. This is also another way of showing appreciation to your donor, but rather than publicly, this will be personal. This will then lead to my next point where you should build a relationship with your donor.

4. Build relationship

Building a relationship with your donor will help take yours and your donor’s relationship to the next level. Building a relationship will help gain their trust and this is a good beginning to take your donor to the next level where if they understand your cause and have your trust – there is a higher chance that they will convert to being a consistent donor.

5. Get active

Never be afraid to get active on sharing your cause with everyone, wherever you can, whenever you can. The more you share, the more they will recognise, the more they recognise, the more they will be curious about what you do. When your audience are curious, they will do their research into finding out more. It will then lead back to all the stories and causes you have told and shared on the platform – this is an opportunity to turn your target audience to being your consistent donor.  

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