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Environmental volunteering: another way to take action for Earth

by Ornella Schillaci
April 19, 2022 - Reading time: 3min
Environmental volunteering: another way to take action for Earth

Environmental issues are increasing. Last summer, we all heard about the flooding, the fires, the chaotic ecological destructions happening all around the world. We watched them from our televisions or we actually lived them. What did we do about it, since then?

You probably heard about the latest release of the IPPC report, published in early April. Right? You might even feel that the news is more alarming than ever. We know. Whereas many people complain about the lack of visibility awarded to the IPPC assessment, others also decided to take even more action. You could be among them.

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Volunteering is for everyone 

Offering volunteering opportunities within your organization is already something proven useful, important, and valuable for various reasons. We discussed them in earlier articles but let's sum them up once again. All in all, volunteering: 

  • benefits to employee's mental health, 
  • helps retain employees, 
  • helps attract new talents, 
  • improves the brand's image to the audience and customers, 
  • benefits your company culture and its values, 
  • and much more! 

These past few years, many communities, companies and local groups have gathered to take a stand for Earth's protection. These initiatives are constant reminders that we all need to get involved. Employees can also participate in volunteering programs during their working hours with volunteering programs implemented more and more often by corporations, nonprofits, organizations etc. 

Whereas the covid19 outbreak has surely disrupted volunteering's efforts, it is clear that nonprofits have reacted super fast and have decided to find new ways to offer volunteering opportunities: virtual activities, corporate involvement, corporate giving and matching gifts programs, volunteering hours for employees to get involved in their hometown, etc. 

And even if studies showed that the pandemic retained people from getting out there and volunteering, it is also important to note that the whole chaotic situation has brought awareness on some important issues in society: social injustices, gender inequalities, environmental causes, etc. 73% of respondents in an American study said that involvement is even more important after the pandemic. 

Environmental Volunteering: a trend that is here to stay

These past few years, younger generations have decided to take actual actions - from protests to communications on social media, etc. - in order to warn people of the alarming state of our planet Earth. Environmental volunteering is now a trending practice that is adopted by local groups, schools, organizations, no matter the field. Since there are many ways to get involved for the Earth, it is very difficult to define "environmental volunteering": it gathers so many different activities but all in all, they all pursue the same goal: make our planet a better, healthier, cleaner place. This can mean: getting involved at cleaning parks, beaches, oceans; planting trees; taking care of wildlife, but also educating others to better consume and not waste, but also, getting their voice heard by politics to make a change at a societal level. 

Earth Day: another great way to take action for our planet

Since 1970, every year on April 22, we celebrate Earth Day. This annual event aims at supporting environmental conservation and protection by getting involved in various activities and initiatives. Each occurrence follows a specific thematic. This year's theme is invest in our planet

Because nowadays, investing time, money, political decisions, efforts and actions are more vital than ever if we want to have a shot at making Earth a viable environment for our older-self and next generations. 

This day is also a great opportunity to educate people around you on the importance of getting involved, not just on a specific annual occasion but every single day of their life, by changing their habits and learning how to consume better for instance. Environmental issues affect our planet every day, every hour, every minute, even now while you're reading this article so it might be time for us all to take this opportunity to implement ecological projects within our local communities and our working environment. Together, we are stronger. Together, we can make things change. 

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