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Grant management books: 6 essential books to become an expert

by Optimy
July 10, 2019 - Reading time: 4min
Grant management books: 6 essential books to become an expert

Being an expert in any field is never easy. Knowledge, practice, diligence and being curious to look outside the box are keys points and the fundament to push the boundaries. Of course grant management is no exception. In fact, this discipline is a more complex one. As a result, we have searched and found six essential grant management books to help you become an expert grant manager. These publications covers a wide range of topics related to our subject. Take a look below to start your journey now!    

Lessons From The Field: Surviving In The Cutthroat World of the Nonprofit

Lessons from the Field: Surviving in the Cutthroat World of Nonprofit brings readers the latest information on what is happening in the world of philanthropy and philanthropic organisations. With this book, you get the latest tips and insights needed to successfully run your nonprofit and get the best funding you possibly can get from experts of the field. A must for every grant manager!

Grant Management: Funding for Public and Nonprofit Programs

How it all started: Grant Management: Funding for Public and Nonprofit Programs provides a comprehensive and definitive history and description of grants, grant types and grant features as well as their development over time. It also brings the reader through the technical steps of grant management and is ideal for nonprofit managers - and grant management training sessions.

A Comprehensive Report of Federal & Private Social Services Grants 2015-2016

This handbook presents a large collection of funding opportunities that can assist any grant management professional in the search for financial support. There are two parts to this handbook: Social Services Federal Funding and Social Services Private Funding. This makes it possible to get the latest information on federal and private funding programs as well as assists the reader in identifying funders that are most likely to support their organisation.

This report is crucial to any grant manager, because they have to know all possible options in funding his project.  

The Nonprofit Marketing guide

As we stated before, looking outside the box is necessary to learn - and that's more applicable to a grant manager. Although this one is not technically a pure "grant management" book, we feel a good marketing is key to great grant making. Therefore, this book by Kivi Leroux Miller is a must-have for every professional involved in grant management - and even has value for a grand management specialist.  

Effective Grants Management

After granting support, often times the hard part for grant managers just begins: Understanding how to manage grants effectively is a critical step of the grantsmanship process. The book Effective Grants Management covers the whole grant management process as well as key terms, case studies and examples of grants that were not managed effectively.

Grant Winner's Toolkit: Project Management and Evaluation

The Grant Winner’s Toolkit by James Aaron Quick and Cheryl Carter New brings tools and techniques needed for successful and sustainable grant management. Indeed, the experts who wrote this book base it on their own experiences as well as those of nonprofit managers worldwide to provide expert advice and guidance on effective grant management.  

The book provides you will all the information you could need as well as forms, checklists, time sheets and even practice exercises so that you are ready to successfully tackle grant management. The book also comes with an enclosed disk that contains customisable forms covering all aspects of project management in order to facilitate your understanding of the methods the book describes, making it one of the most comprehensive literature pieces for your projects.

Perfect for prospective grand managers and their training.  From the history to current trends to advice how to manage your grant activities: with these six books you will quickly grasp the idea of the work a grant management specialist do. Remember this old saying: "Rome was not built in a day" - take your time, do not give up and always aspire to learn more.

While mastering, take a look at your potential impact! We compiled a collection with various successful projects here!

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