Report on your social impact projects

Create and customize insightful reports with Optimy. Highlight the returns and results of your impact and CSR operations to the board, your team and your audience, in the format you prefer. 

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Report on your social impact projects

Clear reports for powerful social impact projects

We know you have a lot of projects running, it would be such a shame not to communicate and report on them. Optimy is the best tool to design powerful and insightful reports on your social impact activities. And of course, you can share them easily with whoever you need.

Data analysis

Optimy’s platform automatically groups and analyzes your data in real time, making it easy for you to highlight your results.

Powerful reports

Embrace flexibility of Optimy to design beautiful reports: dataset, graphs, charts, bars, templates, data export, ...

ROI oriented

Gathering your goals and your achievements, Optimy gives you the opportunity to communicate your concrete ROI.


As your projects are
always moving on,
Optimy lets you edit
reports at any time of
your choice.

Optimy report

Get an insight on how powerful your projects are

Optimy is there for every step of your process: so of course, for the very last one too. In your custom platform, you can design powerful and insightful reports. Your impact matters: tell your team, your management, your audience..the world about it.

Get an insight on how powerful your projects are
1. Reports to analyze and improve

The report features of Optimy enables to get a measure of the impact generated by your social impact projects. Learn from it and improve your strategy for the long term.

2. Reports for the Board and the public

Be ready to share your reports with your management, your board. Select and design beautiful reports to communicate publicly on the difference you make, make yourself known, heard. 

3. Reports to motivate troops

Communicate on your results and evolutions regularly with your teams and use them to illustrate how their effort are driving a real and positive change.

optimy Report

Insightful and beautiful reports

Your impact reports, beautiful and insightful as ever.

Data export

Export data from the Solution to PDFs, Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, CVS, and much more.

PDF templates

Generate PDF reports using custom templates and align your brand to your reports.


Generate custom charts using information about requests and projects.


View your applications/requests from around the world on a map to gain a quick visual overview.


Get an overview of received applications in a calendar view, never miss an important date or upcoming project.

Word document generator

Design and create more than one submission platform to correspond with different branches of your organization.

Budget tracking

Gather and centralize all your budget in one place. Manipulate the contacts however you want! Search, filter, export–The tool is your oyster!

Follow-up surveys

Design and create more than one submission platform to correspond with different branches of your organization.


View basic statistical information regarding users, forms, projects, and storage space.


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