Unrestricted funding, myths and realities: why you should go for it

We are going to talk about Unrestricted funding, its myths and realities and why you should go for it. And to get some insight into this topic, we talked to Karsten Timmer. I’ll leave you to it, I hope you’ll enjoy the episode.

The difference between sponsorship marketing and philanthropy

With the help of Brent Barootes, author of 'Reality Check', we shed some light on the differences between those two and find out how you can get into sponsorship marketing efficiently.

Best tips and tricks to develop a corporate purpose program

This time we decided to turn to our own people. Optimy’s Product Owner, Gerhard, joined us and we had a nice discussion on the topic. Enjoy the episode.

How to adopt the Corporate Social Mindset?

Nowadays, even more than ever, businesses want to adopt the corporate social mindset. It is primarily due to the pandemic and the increasing interest in CSR and social injustices addressed. But not only.

A Guide to Nonprofit Fundraising

Mike Paquet helps non-profits, charities, and community groups throughout Canada, so they can build sustainable and passionate donor bases.

Leveraging social impact with MeetMagic

Carl Gough is a Philanthropist & a self-proclaimed dopamine dealer and the founder of MeetMagic. We talked to him straight from Australia, where he is located.
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