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Get the Best from your Data for your CI Activities

Data is an extremely powerful tool when used correctly ✔ If you don’t know how to read the data or understand what it is trying to tell you, you can’t utilise the enormous amounts of information available.

11 Steps to Successful Grantmaking

This easy to follow, 11 step guide will help you in organising your grantmaking for a smooth and successful journey, from start to finish. Find out how...

Esports sponsorship whitepaper

ESports Sponsorships: It’s Time to Join the Game

The Esports industry is on fire 🔥 It is time to invest your sponsorship budget in this gold mine to maximise your profits and to target one of the hardest generations – Millennials! Find out how...

FAST FASHION: An Environmental Epidemic for CSR

If we don't act fast, this fashion epidemic can truly destroy the world. It is time to share our focus on the overuse of plastic to the devastating effects of our clothing and fast fashion obsession.

using brand to make stand white paper

Using Your Brand Platform to Make a Stand

Organisations all over the world have started to use their platform as a brand to make a stand on a social and/or political issues close to their hearts. But why have brands started paying attention to the issues around them more?

Top 10 Corporate Responsibility Trends for 2019

This is the time of year to build your corporate social responsibility strategy for the upcoming year and this FREE whitepaper can help. By knowing the future CR trends for 2019 you can build a strategy that aligns with what consumers want

real state philanthropy christmas

The Real State of Philanthropy at Christmas

Christmas is known as the time for giving, but is that just for presents to family and friends. We explored the themes of giving over the holiday seasons, to see who donates their time and money and what more could be done to help those in need.

volunteer program white paper

The In’s and Out’s of Starting an Employee Volunteer Program

In this FREE whitepaper, you will find out how an Employee Volunteer Programme can change your work environment whilst giving back to the community.

real state philanthropy switzerland white paper

The Real State of Philanthropy in Switzerland

Philanthropy in Switzerland is growing rapidly, with new foundations and trends. Download our free whitepaper to find out everything you need to know about philanthropy in Switzerland.

Do’s and Don’ts for Grant Seekers

Are you a grant seeker who's struggling to get your project noticed? Then we're here to help. We have compiled a list of 12 Do's and Don'ts that every Grant Seeker must stick to get their proposal successfully funded. Do

The Real State of Philanthropy in France

Between 60,000 and 70,000 philanthropy associations are created each year in France. An overview of the real state of philanthropy in France in this exclusive white paper.

Women in Philanthropy

Women's giving capacity is expanding fast. Curious to find out more about the changing role of women in philanthropy? Download our free white paper and discover experts thoughts and upcoming trends!

The Real State of Philanthropy in the UK

Discover the real state of philanthropy in the UK: types of foundations, information about giving and upcoming trends.

The Real State of Philanthropy in Germany

Discover the real state of philanthropy in Germany: types of foundations, information about giving and upcoming trends.

The Real State of Philanthropy in Italy

Discover the real state of philanthropy in Italy: types of foundations, information about giving and upcoming trends.

Foundation: Boost Team Collaboration

Discover how to boost collaboration with your team within your organisation in order to get maximum impact.

Sponsorship: a Key Part of your Marketing Strategy

Discover why every company should make sponsorship a key part of their Marketing strategy.

Sports Sponsorship 2.0: What’s Next?

In 2017, the sponsorship spending reached $62.8 billion. Let’s have a look on what’s coming in sports sponsorship.

Grant Management: 4 Tips to Review your Grant Application Effectively

Discover 4 tips to review your grant application in an efficient way!

Philanthropy 2.0

We are stepping in a new and exciting era for philanthropy. Let the experts make sure you stay one step ahead of the game!

How Can Technology Help you Run and Set Up your Foundation 2.0

Do you ever wonder how technology can help you run your foundation? Find out some game changing benefits that will help you run your foundation. Remember, work smart!

15 Best Practices to Manage your Sponsorship Projects

Sometimes managing many sponsorship projects may be difficult, if you are a sponsorship manager you know well what it is like! Let this ebook be your guide to how to get some weight off your shoulder as a sponsorship manager.

impact investing white paper

Everything you Need to Know about Impact Investing

Impact investments are investments that are made into companies, organisations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return. Discover more about them in our ebook!