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Weekly Digest

Receive weekly updates on your projects by email

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Schedule weekly digests:

  • Choose the time and the day to receive the digests;
  • Receive weekly updates on the alarms;
  • On the projects pending on approval;
  • On the projects under analysis.

Great for


Staying up-to-date


Being reminded of the work waiting


Being alarmed on the urgencies when they appear

Weekly digest

Follow the evolution of the processes

From week to week, you will see what progress has been made in the projects’ follow-up. The weekly digests can be a good way to see what delay has been taken and if your team is still in the right move.

Weekly digest

Optimize your time given the tasks remaining

Seeing the important reminders in an email enables you to identify which are your priorities. Having an update on every important aspect is the way to do it: you can see where are most of the work needed and what are the things you should take care of as soon as possible.


Know what you have to do

Stay up-to-date thanks to the digests and be reminded of the work you have to do. With this feature, you never forget any aspect of the work. Plus, you know every week exactly where you stand.