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Come, speak and take a step further in self-marketing!

Speaking in a webinar hosted by a media in your field is a great way to get people to know who you are. Professionals appreciate people that know about their field and that are able to teach them something. By being a webinar speaker, you can thus make your network grow and increase your legitimacy as an expert.

Share your views and experience with professionals of philanthropy, community investment and sponsorship!

I want to be a webinar speaker

Use the means that we put at your disposal and get to our audience of philanthropists and sponsors!

With these events, we aim to highlight facts and trends of the sector

We’re convinced that it’s the professionals that work in the sector everyday that have the best knowledge on the industry and trends. That’s why we want to collaborate with you. As the professionals share their knowledge and gain insights from the viewers, its a win win. So, if you’ve got a subject that might be interesting, let us know about it!

To give you an idea, the few of the previous webinars that we hosted were about: The trends in philanthropy for 2019, the trends in CSR, how to capture the power of Sponsorship, Women in Philanthropy, and many more!

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What are the benefits of speaking in a webinar hosted by Optimy? There are several ways to improve your self-marketing.

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Hi everyone! I am the project specialist here at Optimy. I aim to bring you interesting and hot topics around Philanthropy, CI/CSR, and Sponsorships. “The greater our knowledge increases, the greater our ignorance unfolds” -JFK

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