Webinar | How can you amplify your social impact even more in 2023? Being aware of the latest social impact trends will help you accomplish that!

In this 45-minute webinar, Optimy and the Uplift Agency discussed the top 6 social impact trends you need to consider for your 2023 strategy. From applying equity to grant-making practices to developing a bullet-proof data-collection and reporting strategy as well as digitizing your project management, we will cover key topics to take into account as you plan out your activities for the year ahead.

Jerome Tennille, Director of Social Impact & ESG at the Uplift Agency, a social impact and sustainability firm, had the opportunity to share how they help organizations go beyond just looking good to becoming a force for good.

Watch the replay and ensure you have the knowledge you need to plan, build and successfully roll out your social impact initiatives.

Note: The webinar is in English.

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