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User Management

Manage users and their roles, limiting and granting granular access as you see fit.

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The user management system and audit trail feature:

  • Grant access;
  • Specify the permissions to grant;
  • Manage the permissions globally;
  • See what each user can do;
  • Set up expiry date for the users;
  • Use the audit trail feature to keep track of the actions happened.

Great for


Streamline the roles of the users


Modifying quickly the access of a group of people


Manage the informations linked to a user


Make sure every user has access to the right info

In order to delegate the best way, make sure that everyone has access to the information needed and to the rights of editing the parts needed. You can verify it in the user management tool.


Collaborate with other departments and project partners

Creating rights to view only certain parts of the project’s record will allow you to work better with others. You don’t have to go out of the tool: create access to the people you want to collaborate with and grant them access to the parts they need.


Monitor the actions for your team

The audit trail enables you to see the history of what happened in the tool. You can see what were the modifications that happened on a specific project, keep up on what one other user has been doing, and many more!