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Team Management

Increase your efficiency by creating teams and delegating tasks.

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The team management tool in the Optimy solution:

  • Group users into teams;
  • Manage the teams globally: assign them tasks, oversight their roles…

Great for


Work with teams


Team tasks management


Rights management


Organize users in teams according to areas of responsibilities

Creating teams enables you to match the reality of the repartition of the work in your organisation.


Limit or grant access to the people in charge so they can focus on what they need to do

Manage the attribution of accesses and rights so that teams have access to the right information and features. By limiting their access, they can focus on their tasks that will appear in their dashboard.


Split the work between the different departments per criteria

By organizing teams by responsibilities, you can streamline the attribution of the work. You can do it based on very specific criteria, such as the region, the language, the type of the project…