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Task Management

Build, communicate and share tasks.

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The online task manager feature:

  • Create a task and add a description;
  • Assign it to a user or a team;
  • Follow-up the tasks related to a specific project;
  • Manage the tasks at the level of a team;
  • Keep track of all the tasks done for a specific project in its record;
  • Remind the project leader;
  • See all your tasks on your dashboard.

Great for


Using with the team management feature


Optimizing it with the automatic delegation feature


Keep in sight all the tasks to accomplish

Assigned tasks

Ensure the follow-up of every project

Assign and send tasks to your colleagues from different departments to make sure that every project is taken care of.

Assigned tasks

Include internal and external partners 

Use the email address to give tasks to persons from other departments or external partners, without having them as a user.

Assigned tasks

Have a clear view of who’s responsible for what

Link every project to a leader and filter them by name. This way, you can see who’s responsible for which project.