Sponsorship Management Software

Have you ever wondered if your sponsorship strategy is working? Or worried that you had a terrible return on investment? It’s time to get the most out of your brand with successful sponsorship powered by a sponsorship management software that streamlines your application process, data evaluation, and automated workflows, saving time and increasing investments.


Sponsorship Management Software Features

Optimy offers a range of features to help with every step of sponsorship management. See below for a full list of features and how you can use them to save up to 50% of your time on recurring tasks.

Collecting Information

After sending your sponsor seekers to a custom domain, they will be asked to fill out a custom form, made by you, full of the information you need. Once this data has been collected it can be accessed in one central location, with contact management and request transfer.

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Assess the Data

After the sponsor seekers have provided their information, it is time for the sponsorship manager to determine which is the best choice for their organisation. On the central dashboard, it’ll be clear who is the best fit for you, due to the request overviews and request ranking. This alongside the automatic answer, you can ensure 100% reply rate.


Activate the Projects

Each project has its own challenges with their own workforce, however, there are ways to make the process simple and effective. With collaborative notes and team management aligned with automated workflows you can stay up to date with the progress of each sponsorship deal, and never lose track of important notes with the document management.

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Measure the ROI

Having all of your data in a concise format, with charts and statistics, aids you in measuring your return on investments. Once you have all of your data in place, your custom reports can be exported in a PDF template or with the word document generator.


Evaluate the Sponsors

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether or not your sponsorship deals have been successful. With Optimy you can take out the guessing game, with budget tracking and automatic reviews you can evaluate the impact of your sponsors. You can also send out follow up surveys and peer reviews to evaluate yourself and your team.

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