Empower your impact

Like any organisation, you might want to focus on what really matters. Optimy offers a set of solutions to empower your impact, developed and improved everyday by our beloved team of Optimizers.


Maximise your return on investment. Pay only for the features that you need.

Modular solution

Customise your Optimy solution exactly to your needs. 250,000 possibilities.

Regular updates

Benefit from regular updates and upgrades, for free, during the year.

Easy set-up

Our Customer Success Team ensures moving on to our solution is easy for you.

Optimy Solutions

Grant Management Software

For managing all your grant activities: collect the grant applications, select the best ones, manage your grant projects, and evaluate your philanthropy strategy. Take your grantmaking to the next level! Optimy Grant Management Software is designed to help you better manage your tasks so that you can focus on the strategies.


Sponsorship Management Software

For powering all your sponsorship activities: centralise requests from sponsorseekers in one place, rank and select the best ones, activate your sponsorship projects, measure your return on investment and evaluate your sponsorship strategy.