using brand to make stand white paper

Organisations all over the world have started to use their platform as a brand to make a stand on a social and/or political issues close to their hearts. But why have brands started paying attention to the issues around them more? The simple answer is for the consumers, but it is slightly more complicated than that…

We’ve looked into why consumers are now so involved and intrigued by a companies values. And if you think staying quiet on topics makes you’re company safe, you’d be mistaken.

Brands taking a stand has become a must for all markets but there are right and wrong ways to make your point. In this FREE whitepaper, we’ve reported what consumers want to see from brands and why. As well as examining examples from the past of organisations who have been extremely successful in the political stands and those who alienated and lost their audience in just a few minutes.

Download today to find out what you should and shouldn’t do when making a stand in your corporate social responsibility strategy and why you should use your platform for good (as well as your market value).

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