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As it is the season of giving, we wanted to explore the themes of philanthropy during the run-up to the big day – Christmas. If you are someone who celebrates Christmas then you’ll know that this beautiful time of year is for family, friends and presents, but it is also the time of year for extreme loneliness and dangerously low temperatures for others. It’s true that everyone hears more from charities this time of year, but do people donate more?

In this free whitepaper, you’ll find out about who does use this time of year to donate and who simply can’t afford to onto of the stress (and money spent) over the holidays. We looked into the types of people who donate, which countries, and the amount! As well as what people and organisations can do to have a bigger impact at Christmas, including what charities can do to help get noticed and help raise donations.

Download for free today, simply fill out the form below and start learning about philanthropy at Christmas.

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