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In this free report, you’ll be shocked to see how much of an impact fast fashion is however on the environment. From the everyday use of these items in the home by the owners to the production and distribution of each item. Some fast fashion companies are already doing what they can to stop this epidemic from ruining our environment but others are not. If you want to see how you or your campany can help, download for free below.

The amount of resources used for fast fashion is incredible, and not in a good way. The amount of water used and contaminated, the greenhouse gases released into the environment and the carbon emission are immense. But it’s not all bad news, companies within the fast fashion industry are trying to combat this with their corporate social responsibility.

In this whitepaper, we dive into details on how badly fast fashion effect is having on the world, with key facts from all types of clothing production as well as offering potential solutions to these issues. We also cover examples of fast fashion companies, such as H&M, to see what they are doing with their CSR.

If we don’t act fast, this fashion epidemic can truly destroy the world. It is time to share our focus on the overuse of plastic to the devastating effects of our clothing and fast fashion obsession. Download our free report today to see how we can optimise our impact.

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