Esports sponsorship whitepaper
Esports sponsorship whitepaper

The Esports industry is on fire 🔥

It is time to invest your sponsorship budget in this gold mine to maximise your profits and to target one of the hardest generations – Millennials! But before you can make Esports your next sponsorship success, you need to know exactly what you’re getting into. It is like no other sport that we see on our televisions. The audience is different and more connected to the game and players than ever before. The different options for sponsors on how they interact with the game has doubled. And it is still the beginning.

Download our free whitepaper to find out who the exact demographic are, how Esports works and how it works for sponsors AND what the future holds for Esports. Fill in the form below for your free report 👇

61% of fans live in households with 3+ people & are the decision maker

An average Esports fan spends 3.8 hours watching TV a week

Esports is predicted to have a total revenue of $6 billion by 2028

As Esports is still in its early days of popularity, there is still a lot to learn and some things that still need to be put into place. That is where this report comes in. It has all the information you need to know in one place; including;

  • The History of Esports
  • How Esports work
  • Esports Demographics
  • How to Sponsor Esports
  • The Future of Esports

Download your free copy today to find out everything you need to know in these categories and more! It’s time to join the game, start your Esports adventure today.

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