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Upcoming Philanthropy Trends for 2019

Our most recent webinar was held by the incredible Emma Beeston, a successful philanthropy advisor based in the UK. She talks about the Upcoming Philanthropy Trends for 2019, to help you stay one step ahead and build the perfect giving strategy.

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Using Your Brand Platform to Make a Stand

Organisations all over the world have started to use their platform as a brand to make a stand on a social and/or political issue close to their hearts. But why have brands started paying attention to these issues?

Download today to find out what you should and shouldn’t do when making a stand in your corporate social responsibility strategy and why you should use your platform for good (as well as your market value).

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Success Stories

Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust

Discover how Optimy helped The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust to implement a flexible and user friendly grant management system, generate and extract reports on data and structure incoming applications by type of partnership


How mega-philanthropy is changing the way we give

Michael Bloomberg is one of the most well-known mega-philanthropist and with his most recent donations of $1.8 billion to John Hopkins University, we wanted to explore the impact of mega-philanthropy on society and potential donors.


The real state of the market

Impact is trending, impact is growing. We know every organisation is different, which makes it hard to have a complete overview on how, everyday, organisations are changing the world thanks to grantmaking, community investment and sponsorship.


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