Track, manage and deliver the impact of your research grant

Optimy offers a suite of powerful features to empower research institutions to track, manage and deliver grant funding projects and show the full impact of their scientific contributions.

Award Applications

Streamline administrative processes and decrease the time spent on operations

Collect research grant submissions from hundreds of applications with a streamlined application system that ensures tracking beyond collection phase. 

  • Real-time dashboard 
  • Automatic workflows 
  • Real-time reporting 
  • Support any time you need it
  • Full database of submissions and reviewers 
  • Customizable application form to match your unique needs
The tool allows us to review more projects in a better way. It’s really useful to keep track of each project and track back the evaluation that was done. Now with Optimy, everything is very findable, and without the tool, we wouldn’t have managed.
Pablo D
Coordinator of the Commission, UNIL

Make the best decisions when it comes to funding allocation and give reviewers an unmatchable experience

Optimy automates manual processes and repetitive tasks behind the application and review process into one ecosystem to suit your unique process requirements, regardless of  any multi-layered approach.

A streamlined decision-making experience

  • Evaluation scoring
  • Intuitive evaluation platform  
  • Easy communication with applicants and reviewers
  • Reviewers can only see and review the application assigned under their name
Organizations that switched from a manual process to the Optimy solution simply could not back. Our powerful suite of features, empowers research administrators with all the tool to remove the repetitive processes, save time and better report on research outcomes.
Chris D
Sales Manager, Optimy
Give your judges
Choose with data

Reimagine how you collaborate and communicate with internal and external stakeholders

As a research administrator, there is a lot of work around communication about proposals on time due to the multitude of deadlines. Manual processes are prone to errors so the amount of time devoted to gathering research calls data brings a lot of worries and frustration. 

Powerful features to drive efficiency: 

  • CRM      
  • Reporting features
  • Role based permissions  
  • Real-time proposal status
  • Customizable application forms  
  • Proactive communication and team collaboration 

Optimy gives research organizations who award grants and fellowships an efficient way to track, manage and report on funding programs. Applicants can easily submit their application for grants through a customized form. With the right collection process, you can save time on repetitive manual tasks that take you away from your research impact mission. A flexible, modular solution that is built to support the scalability of your research programs.