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We believe that making an impact should be simple and powerful. That’s why we designed an integrated solution – the Optimy Suite.  

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Our Optimy Suite is made up of 4 indulgent bundles,
designed to cover the full cycle of impact-making activities.

collect data


The first step of making an efficient impact is to attract and collect the best applications and requests for funds. With the Collect bundle, you start with a set of features designed to streamline and master the whole collection process, while ensuring the quality and consistency of collected data.

Features available in the Optimy Collect bundle:
– Custom forms
– Multi-frontend
– Request transfer
– Data import
– Contact management
– Custom domain names
– …

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select the best project


When it comes to making a powerful impact, selecting the best projects to support is key. Based on our experience with 240+ organizations, we designed the Select bundle to help you identify the best projects to support. We’ve done this by automatically filtering your applications to make sure they fit with your custom criteria. Stop wasting time reading over pointless applications and start funding the projects that need it.

Features available in the Optimy Select bundle:
– Central dashboard
– Application overview
– Application ranking
– Application filtering
– Automatic routing
– …

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run projects efficiently


Once the projects are selected, you need to ensure they run smoothly and accordingly to the plan.
That’s where the Manage bundle can help you along the way. We made project management simple and powerful so that you can focus on the daily actions.

Features available in the Optimy Manage bundle:
– Document manager
– Custom statuses
– Messaging
– Comments
– Automated workflow
– Task management
– …

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The final and essential part of your impact-making activities: reporting.
Our Report Bundle includes essential features and ready-to-go reports to streamline your reporting needs and for sponsors, the reporting tools help you keep track of your return on investment.

Features available in the Optimy Report bundle:
– Budget tracking
– Charts
– Maps
– PDF templates
– Weekly digest emails
– Email templates
– …

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