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PDF Templates

Generate PDF reports using custom templates and align your brand to your reports

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The PDF templates:

  • Report thanks to pdf templates;
  • Customize them by adding your logo and using style sheets;
  • Create different templates, depending on the form or situation;
  • End up with good looking reports to communicate about your activities.

Great for




Keeping coherence in your brand image


See in one glance which report it is

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Create branded reports

Keep a coherence in your organisation’s documents. You can customize the pdf reports as you want so that you match your visual chart.

New model

Choose how the information is displayed

Choose how the information will be displayed inside the template.

PDF Templates

Share it with your evaluators

Share the reports with the evaluators. If the visual is improved, they will catch quickly the information. Furthermore, a good looking report leaves a good impression on the lector.