Manage projects with weekly updates, document and task management, and teamwork to ensure that they run smoothly.


Weekly Digest

Receive weekly updates on your projects by email. You’ll always be in the loop as to what is happening with your projects.

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Give Feedback (Comments)

View the different stages of the project and leave private comments for application reviewers. Making reviewing applications/requests a seamless process.

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Manage Documents

Store all documents (contracts, letters, logos, etc.) related to the project in a centralized location. Share information with others as needed.

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Manage Users

Manage users and their roles, limiting and granting granular access as you see fit. Everyone will know where they stand and what their tasks are, no excuses.

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Email Templates

Save time by designing and saving unlimited amounts of email templates, all customized by you or pick from existing templates.

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Make it easy for contributors to work together on applications through collective notes, making sure that all of your team is up-to-date with the projects at hand.

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Team Management

Create teams with specific rights and assign users to these teams. This will assure that the right people see the right things, with no security breaches.

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Custom Statuses

Define custom statuses to organize follow-up on applications. Use your companies approved language and phrases to make Optimy seamlessly fit with your company’s ethos.

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Send, manage, and track all communication with your applicants, users, and external stakeholders all in one place.

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Task Management

Build, communicate, and share tasks. Stay on top of all your tasks and keep track of who is in charge of what. You’ll never miss a deadline again.

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Automated Workflows

Create your own custom workflow to match exactly how your team works. Make it easy to see how your projects flow with the team members involved.

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