Create your own branded submission platforms

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Use different designs for your online form(s)

Create a specific frontend each time you think it is worth it. Create a new design to welcome the applicants, according to your different brands or organisation parts.

Use the custom domain names

Dive further into the branding by customising the domain names of the frontends.

Have a special way to communicate with the applicants

Make from these frontends a channel to communicate with the applicants. Each time you need further information about their application, you can add a part to the form that they can access each time the same way.

Create multiple frontends:

  • Create a space where the applicants can submit their requests;
  • Build it at your image to make it reflect your brand;
  • Customise it for the different usages and projects;
  • Create as many frontends as you want.

Great for

Collecting applications

Keeping a coherent brand image

Customising the different frontends

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