Send, manage and track all communications with your applicants, users and external stakeholders.

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Use the messaging software

  • Send emails from the project record page;
  • Ensure the follow-up of the unread emails easily;
  • See all the messages that have been sent by your team in your inbox;
  • Keep track of all the messages that have been sent and received in the projects’ records.

Great for

The documentation of the projects

The collaboration on projects

The follow-up of unread messages

Communicate from the tool

Don’t switch between your mailbox and the tool: you can communicate from the tool and you can do it using email templates! Get in touch with applicants, project owners, other departments and with your own team!

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By having all communication accessible by the entire team and in the project, the collaboration is eased! The project leader is sick? No problem, you can take over the project if needed!

See the new messages directly in your dashboard

See directly in your dashboard if messages need follow-up and what has been sent recently!

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