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Manage Documents

Store all the documents related to a certain project and ensure it is kept in the file

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The document management system:

  • Go into the project file;
  • Put all the documents in there: contracts, letters, logos…;
  • The documents are stored there;
  • The users that have access to the project can see the documents, but not the project owners.

Great for


Storing documents


Keeping all the documents linked to a project


Collaboration with other users

File manager

Never lose a document

Using the document management system, you will not lose a document anymore. The projects’ information and the documents are in the same place. This way, you cannot lose a document anymore.

File manager

All project-related documents are saved in one place 

All of them are stored in the project’s folder so that you don’t have to search for the document, it is already in the right place. So, if you have to oversight that you have all the documents needed, you know exactly where to look.

File manager

Ensure the continuity of the information over time

The files are stored in the projects’ files and that continues over time. If there is a change in the users, they can find the documents and be easily aware of what’s in the project record.