We believe in being 

At Optimy we help local and global companies, agencies and foundations make data driven decisions by delivering processes for a better tomorrow. We believe in the leveraging technology to create and drive positive and lasting change in society with our passion, commitment, ambition and entrepreneurship.

How it all started…

Back in 2011, surfing the wave of the digital transformation, our dynamic duo Kenneth and Christophe founded Optimy. Their goal was simple: make the life of sponsorship and grant professionals easier and increase their efficiency by automating and digitalising their processes.

Today we are a passionate and savvy team of 45, comprised of 19 nationalities from 4 continents, and are proud to work with more than 230 clients at a retention rate of 98%.

A sincere interest in doing good and giving back is what binds us. Optimy supports organisations such as L’Oreal in philanthropic endeavours and others like Engie for sponsoring activities, to deliver impact faster. This is what keeps us going. We help each other help our clients maximise their potential in doing good. In short, we optimise.

We’re Outstanding

…in adapting to change with positivity, integrity, self-motivation and a can-do attitude.

We’re Passionate

…about having a great time at work, which is why we work with our brain, heart and humor.

We’re Tireless

…when it comes to making a difference, because Optimy actively contributes to driving change.

We’re Inspiring

…in the way we evoke, transcend and approach motivation to learn, grow and develop as individuals, one team and Optimy.

We’re Meticulous

…about our conduct because we don’t fancy any kind of devil in our details, from the OP to the TI to the MY in all of Optimy.

We’re Yeasty

…when it comes to creating anything from scratch across Marketing, Product or our Thirsty Thursday beers.

So what would your new city be like?

There is so much more to Brussels than just the EU bubble! As the Lonely Planet is saying: “Brussels is historic yet hip, bureaucratic yet bizarre, self confident yet unshowy, and multicultural to its roots. All this plays out in a cityscape that swings from majestic to quirky to rundown and back again.” It is the place “that inspired Art Nouveau and Surrealism; it worships comic strips, and prides itself on its ancient skills with handmade lace. It has one of the most glorious art galleries in the world as well as countless other enticing museums. Brussels is a gourmet destination, famed the world over for its haute cuisine, fine confectionery, and craft beers”, Frommer mentions very correctly.

It is the city the expats from Optimy call home and we would be happy to take you on an adventure through our hood!

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