Import Data and Requests

Transfer applications and import data into the tool easily to centralise the information.

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Application Transfer and Data Import – How does it work?

  • Send the applications you receive per emails into the tool;
  • Send the applicant a link to the application form;
  • Import the data you have outside the tool in an excel file into the tool.

Great for

Beginning to work with Optimy on the previous data

Transitioning from a previous system of application collect

Building a complete database

Don’t start from scratch

With the application transfer and the data import features, you ensure the continuity of the work. You can have all the previous data in the tool. You can also transfer emails and, doing so, have the project record filled with the communications.

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Import of existing data_Website screenshot full 1

Have all the data in one single tool

Work on the basis of what has already been done. Import the data you need in the tool in order to work the most efficiently.

Use the data with all the other features

Once you’ve imported the data in the tool, you can use it in every feature, from anywhere in the tool.

Optimy tool - grant, ci and sponsorship management tool. Import of existing data feature

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