Follow-up Surveys

Gain feedback from people on the other side of your projects and adapt and grow from past evaluations.

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The follow-up survey:

  • Create a form;
  • Separate it in parts;
  • Automate the activation of further parts;
  • Choose a date and a status for which projects you want to activate the parts;
  • A notification will be sent to the project owners.

Great for


Taking lessons from the past experiences

Report based on data

Automate the follow-up of your processes

Don’t run after people for receiving reports anymore. Choose the timing of the activation of the parts to get the information you need right on time!

Get all the information you need for the reports

Ask project owners for the information that you need to build an awesome reporting.

Don’t miss a single report of a project

By using the automation, you make sure that you don’t miss a single project out of it. Optimy makes sure that all of the project owners concerned by a form part are contacted.

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