Follow-up Surveys

Ask project owners for their feedback on relevant questions.


Collect feedback from the project partners

The follow-up survey enables you to know how the project owners have seen the project and your involvement in it.

Get reports from the project partners and know-how the goals were met

Sending follow-up surveys will enable you to collect key information on the development of the project. Ask about the meeting of the predefined goals and about the budget to be able to report about the projects.

Automate the follow-up

Send automatically the survey. This way, you are sure to collect all the data needed for your records and your reporting at the right time.

The follow-up survey:

  • create a form for the project owners to fill in;
  • choose the questions for which you want an answer;
  • see the answers together to be able to see the trends in the responses.

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Taking lessons from the past experiences

Report based on data

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