Evaluation Platform

Select and invite your external peers and experts to review and evaluate projects

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Use the evaluation platform in Optimy:

  • Create a database of evaluators;
  • Define the criteria of the evaluation;
  • Ask the evaluators to assess projects;
  • Follow the progress they make;
  • Collect the evaluations;
  • Compare the evaluations per project;
  • Extract all the data.

Great for

Having an external input

Bring expertise in the decision process

Collect easily the feedback

Decide the parts that you want to share with the evaluators

Grant access to evaluators to the parts of the projects you want them to see. This way, they can easily see the information into the tool.

Collect their feedback through the tool

Collect easily the feedback of the evaluators into the tool. It will be linked to the data to make it easier to review after.

Compare their evaluation in charts

See the results in good-looking charts to understand more easily the feedback.

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