Historias de éxito

Lea sobre cómo nuestros clientes optimizaron sus actividades empresariales diarias con la solución Optimy

Solidarity Accor Hotels

Discover how Optimy helped Solidarity AccorHotels organise incoming requests, centralise information in a single place and analyze report and impact of the supported projects

Johnson et Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust

Discover how Optimy helped The Johnson & Johnson Corporate Citizenship Trust to implement a flexible and user friendly grant management system, generate and extract reports on data and structure incoming applications by type of partnership.

Fondation EDF

Discover how Optimy helped EDF foundation to handle the flow of requests, sort the projects by theme and ensure an efficient follow-up.

Fondation Coeur & Recherche

Discover how Optimy helped Fondation Coeur et Recherche to centralise incoming requests and to manage the projects and their evaluation in a efficient way.

Campus France

Discover how Optimy helped Campus France to create a single entry point for all applications, generate an efficient database for all projects and documents and facilitate easier evaluation of the applications by international experts.

ENGIE Foundation

Discover how Optimy helped Engie Foundation to streamline the flow of incoming requests, sort incoming requests based on their theme and have a view on activities per country.


Discover how Optimy helped Decathlon to handle the flow of requests, automatically filter requests based on pre-defined criteria and automatically route projects to the right seller and store.


Discover how Delhaize is managing and standardising more than 2000 incoming requests per year thanks to Optimy.