Select only the very best social impact projects

Maximize your impact by selecting only the best applications, projects and missions. Optimy smart tools help you filter, rank and select everything based on the criteria you chose.

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Smart tools for the best data

Decision process is the hardest, and often appears like a shot in the dark. You need to be sure to take the best decision for your company, your employees, your teams, and your impact projects. Luckily, the smart tools developed in Optimy help you get through this decision process quickly and efficiently.


Once you’ve defined your kpis and criteria, Optimy sort them for you. Then you can take clear decisions.

Smart decisions

As Optimy ranks your data, it’s easier for you to the best decisions anytime and select the best projects .

100% Digital

Optimy is an online software with all the features you need accessible in your licence. 

Secure Data

Optimy is an online software with all the features you need accessible in your licence. 

Optimy select

The best data management for the best decisions

Automatically organize all incoming data in the Optimy platform. There you can filter, rank, score, reply and select the best projects for your social impact strategy.

1. A professional decision-oriented HQ

Make sure your applicants know your values, expectations and criteria of decision via your custom portals.

2. A database of projects that match your strategy

Following your goals, criteria, Optimy automatically highlights the best data for you. Operations and strategy are perfectly aligned for the best performance and results. 

3. An efficient communication tool

From the same platform, you can analyze in real-time the data, but also keep in touch with to everyone, discover the feedback and messages.

select features

Automation and clear overview

The select features help you get a clear overview of everything available for you: from data to projects to message. You can also automatically send reply, filter projects, incoming applications, easily and quickly.

Centralized dashboard

Get easy and quick access to applications, requests but also statuses, graphs, tasks, and real-time updates. 

Application overview

Preview any application in details and edit, and audit your projects, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.

Insight on applications

Rank your applications and requests based on your criteria and view the scores of other users. 

Automatic answers

Automatically send a replybased on predefined criteria so none of your applicants are ever left in the dark. Automation is key.

Smart forms

Create smart custom form for you applicants to provide feedback. Learn from them and optimize your application process.

Automatic filtering

Pre-screen incoming applications and requests automatically and declineapplications if they do not match the criteria you chose.


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