Your impact data
always secure

We know how much data is a sensitive subject.
A data breach would be a nightmare for you.
So for your impact data, projects, contacts and reports, we have designed Optimy with a state-of-the-art approach of security.

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ISO Certification

We ensure continuous commitment in data security

We are ISO 27001 certified

At Optimy, we are continuously striving to improve our products, services, and infrastructure to meet our customers’ expectations. The ISO 27001 certification is our proof that we meet the highest international standards, and we are very proud of this achievement.

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Our engagements to secure your data

Secure hosting

The Optimy platform is securely hosted through a trusted partnership with Amazon Web Services. You get a reliable, secure and protected space for your data.

High availability

Optimy comes with a 99.9% of availability. Manage your data, projects and reports with confidence through a back-office available 24/7/365.


Never lose your data, from the old email to the administrative papers. Optimy constantly backups all your data digitally.

Privacy by design

You get one custom domain, one exclusive dashboard with your data only. Third-parties get a private access to their
data only.

Data encryption

All data stored and transmitted through Optimy is automatically encrypted
with a state-of-the art encryption

GDPR compliant

Optimy is designed in full compliance with GDPR and all current data protection regulations.

Audit trails

Keep a complete record of all actions performed in your Optimy instance. Audit trails makes it easy for you to
maintain security.

User control

As an administrator, you get full access to user authorizations, team roles and of
who can see and access what. Single
sign on is also available.

Monitoring 24/7

The Optimy tech team constantly monitors instances 24/7 and immediately
comes at your rescue in case of
unexpected issues.


Trusted by thousands of clients worldwide

Lindsey C - Community Specialist

"We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. The Optimy dashboard saved the day."

Lindsey C, Community Specialist

"Optimy allows us to review projects in a better way. It's really useful to keep track of each project and trackback the evaluation that was done. Everything is very findable and manageable."

Pablo D, Coordinator of the Commission

"Optimy helped us to be more aligned across our projects and I like that it’s and online tool. With these times we are living, the tool has a big positive impact on how we work as a team."

Xio F, Project Manager

CSR projects powered
by Optimy.


Less admin tasks and
manual work.


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