Manage your social impact projects in one place

From your Optimy platform, you can do it all: from managing users, documents to getting feedback and keeping in touch with applicants, teams, etc. One place to do it all, and time is saved. So you can focus more on increasing your impact.

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Your branded headquarters to do it all

Managing CSR and social Impact projects are ambitious. You can do it all by yourself. You need effective excellent team work and good flexible tool to handle every step of the process. Optimy’s flexibility let you pilot your projects directly in one place at any time, and stay in touch with your team members.

Centralized tool

All your projects, tasks, messages and documents in one central place, online and accessible on your intuitive platform.


Set up your teams’ access, and tasks and keep the communication going directly from your custom online platform.

Easy availability

Your Optimy platform is always available so you can move on with your CSR and social impact projects whenever you want.

Reliable support

Enjoy smooth projects with defined tasks and deadlines, and securely hosted data, messages and documents.

Optimy manage

Every step of your process easily handled from one single platform 

Manage every step of your social impact process from one online easy-to-use platform with data secured and teams’ collaboration made easy.

1. Project Management + Flexible technology

Become a master in project management thanks to a flexible technology developed by Optimy that adapts and matches your needs, your work reality and your impact projects.

2. Team Collaboration + Real-time overview

Via Optimy, you can split the responsibilities and tasks within your team and get a clear overview of all achievements and status, resources of your projects.

3. Central hub + Sharing access

No need to look for documents and info in other place: Optimy gathers everything you need from documents, messages, email to feedback, comments, reports. Plus, you can handle who has access to these documents and data in one click. 

Manage features

Automation and clear overview

The manage features means that you don’t need to go from one tool to another to handle your social impact projects, track the budget, review the results and report on performance. Everything is available in our all-in-one platform, designed for you, intuitive, easy-to-use and quick to implement.

Central dashboard

From your  central dashboard, you get access to all your projects in one click and get an overview of them easily.

User management

Gather and centralize all your contacts in one place. Manipulate the contacts however you want.

Email templates

Design and create more than one custom submission form to fit with the branches of your organization, if needed.


Share documents, send andreceive messages, comments, feedback directly inside Optimy.

Team management

Create custom form to get feedback and manage your team’s satisfaction: improve your application process.

Custom statuses

Define your own statuses to be able to pilot your projects and monitor the achievements.


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