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Applications, requests, feedback, documents: create online custom forms to collect all the information you need. Build you own form in a few clicks and start accepting applications.

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High availability

Enjoy the 99.9% availability rate of Optimy.


To your brand, your design, your fields, your validations.


Your data is fully protected, securely stored and backuped.

GDPR compliant

A state of the art compliance with data protection regulations.

how it works

An intuitive and unique form editor

Building beautiful and smart forms have never been so easy, intuitive and flexible.
Find out what our editor enables you to do.

No code
Build forms with a few clicks in Optimy, no need to have coding knowledge. The intuitive editor makes it easy for anyone to build a form.
Custom fields
You choose which and how many fields you want to have in your forms, which infos are mandatory and which are optional.
Custom validations
Decide how the data should be formatted, which types of information are validated or excluded.
Custom design
You deserve forms that match your brand. Customize your forms with your logo, colors and even CSS stylesheets.
Data collection
Feel free to split your forms into different parts, and different jump logics to collect lots of data.
Private application
Turn applications into a secure and professional process, by granting every applicant a login and password.
What they do for you

A smart form for every situation

See what smart forms enable you to do:

  • Collect applications
  • Collect requests
  • Collect project proposals
  • Request documents & media
  • Request information
  • Request feedback
  • Run a survey
  • ... and much more!

What they say about the smart forms

Lindsey C - Community Specialist

"We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. The Optimy dashboard saved the day."

Lindsey C, Community Specialist

"Optimy allows us to review projects in a better way. It's really useful to keep track of each project and trackback the evaluation that was done. Everything is very findable and manageable."

Pablo D, Coordinator of the Commission

"Optimy helped us to be more aligned across our projects and I like that it’s and online tool. With these times we are living, the tool has a big positive impact on how we work as a team."

Xio F, Project Manager

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