The pains of applying for public fundings

We will talk about approaches to fundraising, partnerships, and how to go about applying for public funding, especially for those organisations based in Europe.

The best of 2020

Last year, we had the great pleasure of talking to many specialists in the social good industry. We heard their stories and learned from their experience. Listen here to their best tips!

Corporate grant challenges in 2021

Shannon Gorman needed to figure out how to have effective internal communication, engage with donors, and keep her staff safe. Listen here how she managed to do all of that at hospital.

Volunteering & Social Inclusion

Not seeing any results from your corporate volunteering program? We talked to Chris Jarvis and Tomás on what it takes to create a successful corporate volunteering program.

The power of corporate volunteering

Caroline Modave shares some ideas on how to measure employee engagement, and how volunteerism can be used as a mechanism for employees branding.

CSR as an inclusive tool

Andrea Gamson is a CSR professional and CEO in SocialStarters. We discuss how social movements are connected with corporate social responsibility.
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