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Amplify the impact of your grants

Optimy is an all-in-one solution to effectively manage your grant operations, empowering you with more time and data to amplify your corporate social impact.

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All-in-one solution that delivers ROI

Experience a platform that empowers you to track, measure, and review progress either historically or in a live-view.

Real-time dashboards

Our charts tell the story for you, your team, and the board.

Application performance

Streamline application selection, communication, budgeting, and reporting.

Financial reports

Manage grant budget and allocation processes in real time.

Data exports

Gain insight into the selection process with measurable data entry.


Used by 100's of CSR teams across the world

Lindsey C - Community Specialist

"We needed a way to show our senior leadership team that marketing was producing results, and that’s hard when your metrics are scattered. The Optimy dashboard saved the day."

Lindsey C, Community Specialist

"Optimy allows us to review projects in a better way. It's really useful to keep track of each project and trackback the evaluation that was done. Everything is very findable and manageable."

Pablo D, Coordinator of the Commission

"Optimy helped us to be more aligned across our projects and I like that it’s and online tool. With these times we are living, the tool has a big positive impact on how we work as a team."

Xio F, Project Manager

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Less admin tasks and
manual work.


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OPTIMY experience

360º experience for your grant management

Compliant security

From network infrastructure to GDPR, Optimy offers a trusted solution.

Streamlined CSR

Save 50% more time through powerful automation and project management.

Improved satisfaction

Enjoy fast implementation time, custom support, and a beautiful user interface.

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