Email Templates

Make an unlimited number of email templates to save time, or choose an existing email template.

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Gain time by creating templates for every stage

Save time by preparing templates that you can link to a specific stage so that you don’t have to think each time to answer or send an email to the project partner.

Customise it for the recipient before sending

Personalise the answer for the one getting it. This way, you build a personal relationship with the project partners easily.

Standardise the communication in your team

Ensure a coherent communication with the email templates. Every team member will use it for the situation the template was created. This gives consistency to your communication material.

Building email templates:

  • Create email templates;
  • As much as you want to;
  • Define the fields to personalise according to the project’s data;
  • Link it to a stage of the process;
  • Schedule the emails.

Great for

Have a coherent communication

Build a personal relationship

Schedule emails

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