You always come first.

50% data, 50% empathy, 100% problem-solvers.

Optimy doesn't come alone!

When you buy the software you also “buy” a complete first-rate customer support.
Our dedicated International Customer Experience team will take care of all your requests and will help you with both the set-up and follow-up.

14 nationalities

A team composed of 14 nationalities to ensure a multicultural spirit that can relate to each and every client.

98% retention rate

A retention rate far above the industry average, thanks to our excellent Customer Experience team.

250,000+ combinations

Customised implementations for each user: we can propose more than 250,000 combinations of features. Moreover, your suggestions and feedback will be used to guide the product plan.

Raise the bar

Your Customer Experience Manager will take care of you from day 1 by:


Selecting with you the most suitable features to put in place and drawing a plan to define the Optimy set-up.


Guiding you during the implementation or even taking care of it on your behalf if needed.


Regularly checking up on you and reply to all your ongoing questions to make sure everything runs smoothly between you and Optimy.

Request a demo

Contact us to find out how our users benefit from our sponsorship, grant and community investment management software.