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Custom Statuses

Create customed statuses to meet your processes!

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Custom and use projects’ statuses:

  • Create statuses, pick a name, a color and a logo;
  • organize your statuses according to your priorities.

Great for


See easily the stage of the projects


Group the projects per status


Review the stages in your dashboard

Project statuses

Follow the evolution of the projects

See in one blink at what stage are the projects. Use these to match your processes and to trigger the action and implication of the teams.

Add a status

Integrate your workflows with custom statuses

Use the statuses to trigger actions in workflows. By customising those statuses, you can make sure that your automation matches your processes.


See it all in your dashboard

When you enter Optimy, you’ll see in your dashboard the different statuses of the projects. This way, you can dive into one task really easily.