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Custom Forms

Create custom forms to capture the information you need. Use formulas, visibility rules, validation rules and a whole host of other things to make your form dynamic.

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The online form builder in a few points:

  • Define the fields that you need to make your choice;
  • Publish it on a platform at your image;
  • When a step is completed, the applicant can come back and access the new part of the form;
  • Individual logins for all applicants to secure the data;
  • The information is directly accessible in your dashboard, enabling you to work easily from it.

Great for


Collecting project proposals by setting up online application forms


Asking for additional information according to your stage in the process


Asking for feedback by creating follow-up surveys


Collect the right information…

In Optimy, you create your own forms with the fields that you decide. Start working on the information that you need with the form creator!


…through one single channel…

In Optimy, the collection of the information happens in one single point. It’s the end of the collection from different and various entries. You create a platform for the applicants in which they can enter with a login and a password. When you need supplementary information, you just add parts to the form. The system displays the information that it kept in the database, so that the applicants only have to fill in the new parts, and it comes directly in the project record!

… and customizable forms!

Everything about the forms is customizable. You can ask exactly what you want by creating yourself the forms. Plus, you can customize the front-end according to your requirements! You can use a custom domain name, choose the colors and customize the platform so that it matches your visual chart. Have a global brand image with this customizable online form builder feature!