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We manage your CSR operations — motivating your team with more time and data to amplify your corporate social impact.

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Birgitta Hultfeldt, Project manager of Ideas for Life
Compared to other solutions, Optimy offered more features for a better price. Optimy helped me to identify how we can improve our workflow and reach the impact we wish to have.
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Enterprise Security

Security and compliance are embedded in our culture. From network infrastructure, GDPR, and Penn testing to the security of our physical space we commit to deliver a trusted platform for Enterprise companies across the globe.

The Optimy Solution is really valuable to us!
Laurence Cuisance Kindraich

 Engage your team with causes worth supporting

Build bridges between your employees and non-profit organizations that need support with Corporate Volunteering. After all, giving visibility to important causes is a big part of being a socially responsible corporation.

If you are looking to make changes and improve your systems and processes to meet the needs of your applicants it’s definitely worth using Optimy to do that.
Elizabeth Cooke
Head of Grants at the Veolia Trust

Customer success

We are a leading CSR platform as we focus on the customer experience. With Optimy, you’ll get an affordable solution that goes the extra mile — friendly account managers, fast implementation times, custom support, and a beautiful user interface.

William, the account executive responsible for supporting us, has been great. It is easy to get support, and we always get answers quickly.
Birgitta Hultfeldt 
Project manager of Ideas for Life

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