Technologies to Support Communities

A concise community investment software for a powerful impact


Optimy helps you to empower the everyday

When it comes to community social investment it’s the little, everyday things that make a difference. Supporting your local community and society with the use of your influence and resources. With Optimy, you can align your companies ethos with the needs of your community. Embedding them into your companies DNA.







Unleash your communities potential with Optimy

Collect your communities ideas

With Optimy, you no longer need to worry about incessant emails containing information that you don’t need. You get to create a page with a custom smart form, allowing you to collect the data you need all in one place without any of the impractical parts. The smart form takes the applicants answers and ranks them accordingly so that you only have to worry about the ones that fit with your companies ethos.


Finding the right projects for you

With the use of Optimys custom forms, each question answered is given a score. From their answers, Optimy can rank them from the criteria you set, meaning you no longer have to waste your time scrolling through unnecessary content to select the right projects for you. The tool will also do the emotional part for you by sending out automatic emails to the candidates that didn’t hit the requirements.


Balancing grants and volunteers

Community social investments aren’t just about managing money, but volunteering too! The Optimy tool covers all this and more within one platform, allowing you to track your budget and automate workflows whilst time tracking and allocating skills. On one centralised dashboard, you can get an overview of all your projects, combined with collaborative notes and document tracking, you’ll never miss a task!


Reflex on your communities accomplishments

There is nothing more rewarding than seeing the improvements to the community thanks to your help. Optimy Report helps you to evaluate the progress of your projects, with easy to follow statistics, charts, and overviews all available to download in a PDF template. In a glance, you’d be able to see the effect you’ve had on the community and how it has strengthened your brand identity.


Our security is stronger than Fort Knox. We not only follow the new EU GDPR law but go above and beyond to make sure your organisations and your applicants’ information is safe.

We believe in human interaction. A bot can’t answer your questions as well as an Opti-expert! That’s why every one of our customers is assigned a customer ambassador to help them with whatever they need, whenever they need.


Being based in the centre of Europe, we want our product to be accessible to everyone. We do this by making sure you can get the Optimy tool in your native language. We offer the tool in 20 languages and our human support in 7! You’ll feel right at home.